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AMS iSeries menu & tools

Application Management System AMS 1.2


AMS works on IBM i system (former named AS/400, iSeries or i5 system) and is a fully customizable application which enables you to:


Create your own menus for your programs and applications and attach your programs. You can also create links to another menus. There are no limits for number of menus and menu’s items.


Manage users and access rights to defined menus and items (rights are managed on users groups level) so users rights management to selected menus items is fast and easy; you can manage users by their business roles. The access rights can be set to all menu items or a single one.

All users activities are logged to AMS audit log.

Audit log viewer built-in tool which can be used to preview log entries with details.
Also, you can run audit report and spooled file with audit log which will be created and can be printed.


AMS also includes built-in tools for easier application management.

Access Control List, Audit Reports, Journaling maintenance and more.


We offer very favorable, flexible licensing terms. When buying a license for a few years, the customer can get a discount.



You can receive a free fully functional trial version of AMS (30-days license) to test on your systems. Send an email to sale@green-pixel.com to order a trial version and the full documentation.


To learn more download the following brochure advertising for AMS.

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Application Management System AMS 1.0


Menu system for iSeries with many functions to support usage and administration of your applications.

AMS also contains many audit features which meets your company'

security requirements

Download advertisement brochure from Products section to learn more. Order free fully functional trial version and check how useful and simple is the AMS application.

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